Apricus Solar 22 Tube Glass Lined Gas Boosted AG-250-GL-26N-22

At Apricus, we are passionate to ensure our Solar Hot Water Systems are right for you. Through our researches, development and focus on the highest quality of customer service we believe Apricus Australia is the first choice for Solar Hot Water.

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Excellent Cold Weather Performance

  • Passive tracking of the Sun
  • Lightweight and Durable Design,  Due to the fact that there is no water held in the tubes themselves, the system is able to be installed by a single plumber. There is also no need to strengthen a healthly roof as the average system only weigh around 120kg.
  • Save on your energy bills,  Installing an Apricus Solar Hot Water System is not only beneficial for the environment but can reduce your household bills up to 80%.
  • Maintenance Free
  • Longest Industry Warranty
  • Flexible Installation Options
  • Australian and International Standards
  • Apricus Solar Hot Water systems include either electric or gas boosting, ensuring hot water even during rainy weather.
  • 15 Year Warranty on all key system components, Apricus holds the longest warranty of any system on the Australian market.

Apricus Warranty Policy