AquaMAX Heat Pump HP325-36-1B

Heat Pump The AquaMAX Heat Pump water heater can deliver energy efficient hot water without solar collectors even in cloudy weather.

The AquaMAX Heat Pump module delivers energy efficient heating recovery and advanced frost protection, further supported by a back-up boost element for cooler weather.

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Ambient heat energy is absorbed and processed through a heat exchanger in the heat pump module. At the same time water from the tank is pumped through the heat exchanger returning heated water to the tank. This process can deliver hot water at up to a third of the energy use of traditional electirc storage water heaters. Accordingly, Heat Pumps can be an excellent alternative where installation options for solar water heaters with rooftop collectors are limited.

  • Mains Pressure
  • 325 Litre Tank
  • Back Up Element
  • Cuts energy use and emissions by up to 65%
  • 5 year cylinder warranty
  • Boost capacity of 206 Litres