Heat Pump

  • AquaMAX Heat Pump HP325-36-1B

    Heat Pump The AquaMAX Heat Pump water heater can deliver energy efficient hot water without solar collectors even in cloudy weather. The AquaMAX Heat Pump module delivers energy efficient heating recovery and advanced frost protection, further supported by a back-up boost element for cooler weather.

  • Rheem Heat Pump MPi Series

    The new MPi Series Rheem Heat Pump utilises the latest environmental heating technology to efficiently heat water. Free, renewable heat energy is absorbed and processed through a refrigeration system, resulting in hot water using a third of the energy of an electric water heater. These are similar saving to a solar water heater, but without needing panels mounted on your roof. Rheem Heat Pump models have a standard inclusion of a back-up element. Designed to activate only during very cold conditions, this feature ensures you have hot water, at the time you need a hot shower most.

  • Rinnai Heat Pump EHP32 Electric

    Rinnai Electirc Heat Pump with Stainless Steel Cylinder built to last! Heat pumps utilise a compressor to extract heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to water in the Stainless Steel storage cylinder. This is a highly efficient method of heating hot water and therefore the Rinnai Electric Heat Pump is awarded bot RECs rebates and Federal Government rebates in many installations. Highest quality 265 litre Stainless Steel storeage cylinder with a 10 year warranty.