• AquaMAX 5 Star Gas Storage

    AquaMAX Gas WATER HEATERS AquaMAX Five Star Gas water heaters have options to cover most needs. From our 5 Star G270VE with the MAXI–namel® cylinder, to the stainless steel G270SS, G340SS and G390SS. As these units are mains pressure, they can keep up with most demands when you turn on the second, third or fourth tap, the hot water flow remains at constant mains pressure levels.

  • AquaMax Continuous Flow Water Heater

    AquaMAX Continuous Flow gas water heaters offer a continuous hot water supply for your home. Conveniently mounted to an external wall or recessed in a box, AquaMAX Continuous Flow gas water heaters are created for tight spots where installation space is at a premium. Backed by a 10 year heat exchanger warranty, these 5 star energy efficient water heaters will keep your family in hot water. Available to suit Natural Gas or Propane.

  • AquaMAX Electric Storage

    Stay in Hot water with AquaMAX. Award winning AquaMAX high efficiency Electric Water Heater systems keep your team in steaming hot water. AquaMAX Energy efficient Mains Pressure hot water systems are built using the latest technology and backed by a five year MAXI-namel cylinder warranty.  AquaMAX Electirc Water Heaters are made for Aussie conditions, right here at home to suit a variety of family sizes.

  • AquaMAX Heat Pump HP325-36-1B

    Heat Pump The AquaMAX Heat Pump water heater can deliver energy efficient hot water without solar collectors even in cloudy weather. The AquaMAX Heat Pump module delivers energy efficient heating recovery and advanced frost protection, further supported by a back-up boost element for cooler weather.